I Gave My Mom A Rock


I’d be lying if I said I’m not slightly nervous about meeting the surgeon tomorrow. Last week, I turned in all of my paperwork at the Cancer Center in preparation for this. They gave me a little rock for Mother’s Day that I gave to my mom.

(I was wearing red pants…)

My mom is a nurse. She went to college when I was in high school, after she’d raised four kids. She was the oldest in her classes. And she didn’t pass with A’s, but she did her best and went on to work as a nurse on a heart surgical team at a local hospital.

Until life happened. It’s a long story involving a lawsuit against one of the surgeons she worked with and hundreds of greedy people who signed on for a piece of the settlement. She lost her job, along with many other hard-working healthcare workers.

Mom adjusted. She took a job at a care facility. It wasn’t anything glamorous. It literally stunk. But she moved forward because my mom is not the type to cry in a corner. And because of her motivation, she improved her skills and got a better job. Then another job, until finally, people were coming to her to ask her to come to work for them.

My mom is my hero. So, I gave her my rock from the Cancer Center. Not just because I love her, but because of everything she still teaches me. As a mom, I feel her concern for me as I’m going through this part of my journey. There is a part of her heart that longs to keep me safe. It must suck to have a child, even an adult, go through this. And I wish she didn’t have to watch me and support me, because I don’t want to cause her such pain.

But there’s nowhere else I’d rather my mom to be than by my side.

I just talked with Dr. VK’s nurse and sorted out a teleconference with him next week for that surgery. Not sure if the “Rona” will put its ugly damper on the 2-for-1 surgery special. Still praying for a surgical date next month so that my oldest can see my recovery and know I’m okay before she leaves the state for college.

Book launch tomorrow! Surgeon consult tomorrow! Financial Zoom meeting and paperwork with oldest on Monday. Sign up youngest for college classes Tuesday. Then teleconference with the other doctor.

Coffee anyone?

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