Galloping Gazelles

Song of Solomon 4:5

A Tangled Yarn Ball

5/20/20 It’s feeling like a bit like this picture now: There’s the initial diagnosis. It’s a massive tangle of threads. There are knots. The ends are hidden. When you pull on one string, it moves others. But eventually, you find one end and you start to pluck it out, working through the tough bits. Friday,Continue reading “A Tangled Yarn Ball”

After a month…

5/1/20 Dear Life~ I’m tired. And I’m afraid it’s the Benedryl I took because of my allergies. On the upside of things, I finally annoyed the local surgeon enough to get a consultation scheduled on May 15th! Two weeks from today, exactly a month after I found out that I’m a mutant about my mutatedContinue reading “After a month…”

Special Pillows?

4/17/20 As the hours have passed, I find humor in small doses: A Groupon came up for laser hair removal and I thought it might come in handy after surgery. The friend who told me to get the reconstruction and we laughed through cup sizes. Another who said that playing the cancer card is aContinue reading “Special Pillows?”


Thursday – 4/16/2020 As I was getting ready for work this morning, I looked in my closet at my button-up shirts. For a split second, I hated them all. Not because I don’t like the patterns, but because they will be my wardrobe staple later this year. After I get the double mastectomy, for aContinue reading “T-Rex”

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