A Tangled Yarn Ball

5/20/20 It’s feeling like a bit like this picture now: There’s the initial diagnosis. It’s a massive tangle of threads. There are knots. The ends are hidden. When you pull on one string, it moves others. But eventually, you find one end and you start to pluck it out, working through the tough bits. Friday,Continue reading “A Tangled Yarn Ball”

The Not-so-Disney Rabbit Hole

4/21/20 (I wrote this last week, but I’m still working, so whatevs) You know what’s fun? A merry-go-round. The one at Disneyland is my favorite. There is a special horse, Jingles, that used to be Mrs. Disney’s favorite. For Disneyland’s 50th anniversary, it was repainted and dedicated to Julie Andrews. Now Jingles boasts Mary PoppinsContinue reading “The Not-so-Disney Rabbit Hole”

Insurance Woes and Pajama Congratulations

4/20/2020 Friday, I left work a couple of hours early to pick up the material for Kristin and the funky pillow. Let me say that “luxe fleece” is a gift from heaven. I’ve already warned the kids that this is my pillow and they can’t have it. They had “the look” in their eyes whenContinue reading “Insurance Woes and Pajama Congratulations”

It’s Like Baptism by Firehose

Wednesday – 4/15/2020 Yesterday, my doctor called and said that the biopsy was negative—it was a benign tumor in my right breast. That poor little thing that currently looks like it has gone a few rounds with a heavyweight champion last week. It took 24 hours for the site to stop bleeding. Weird that itContinue reading “It’s Like Baptism by Firehose”