Insurance Woes and Pajama Congratulations


Friday, I left work a couple of hours early to pick up the material for Kristin and the funky pillow. Let me say that “luxe fleece” is a gift from heaven. I’ve already warned the kids that this is my pillow and they can’t have it. They had “the look” in their eyes when they ran their hands across the cranberry red fluffy goodness.

I went across the street to see my oldest while she was on shift at Target. Also, thought I’d check to see if they have any button-up pajamas. She was just going on break as I found her and helped me pick out a cute gray short-sleeve set. Because summer in Redding, CA is unkind in terms of temperature. I did go with pants, as I am persistently cold. And also, not sure if anyone wants to see my pasty white legs that haven’t seen much sunlight in months. Oh! Upshot—will not have to shave my legs with pajama pants.

Also. When I was picking out the pajamas, there was another fully-masked woman looking through the clothing rack. We were careful not to touch or be near each other. I apologized when I stepped one way and she stepped toward me. “I’m just looking for something for surgery,” she said. “Me too,” I answered. “Congratulations,” she replied. My daughter and I glanced at each other and hustled off. Not quite the response that I expected, but it made us laugh.

This weekend, I didn’t think about it as much as I thought I would. I mean, it was the driving reason I broke out the vacuum attachment and cleaned along the baseboards in the bedroom. But I’ve been putting that off for years.

My mom bought me this gorgeous variegated Butterfly Bush yesterday. She told me it was for an early Mother’s Day. I’m glad she said that because now I have time to look for something for her.

Try and eat this, dumb deer.

Good times: got a letter of denial from the insurance company for the test that came back positive. I don’t think they realize the tenacity I have and that I will go full tilt on this.

Insurance company: Denied. We think you should have cancer first before you get this test.

Me: What?

Insurance company: Yes. You should have us pay for all sorts of tests and procedures before we pay for the test that we eventually have to pay for. It shouldn’t matter that it’s hereditary.


Insurance company: And here’s the bill.

Me: Fight me.

Emails have been sent to contacts. Hopefully there will be no scratch marks and we all can play nice in the sandbox.

Sent an email to a friend of a friend. Nothing like asking a stranger how it was like to go through a double mastectomy first thing in the morning.

In other news, I found an out-of-work professional tattoo artist. And know my oldest wants to get in on the action…

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